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Cary, NC Pet Vaccinations

Preventing Diseases with Vaccinations

Vaccinations are one of the key ways you can protect your pet’s health for the long term. Vaccinations can prevent many serious diseases, which can harm your pet if not addressed immediately. Instead, opt for vaccinations for an inexpensive and highly effective way to protect your pet. At Animal Kingdom Veterinary Hospital, we offer a comprehensive range of vaccinations for cats, dogs, pocket pets, and other animals that you may share a home with. Our Cary veterinarians will help you understand the risks facing your pet and will design a vaccination program that suits your pet’s unique needs. We will work closely with you to protect your pet’s health for the long term.

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Understanding Vaccines for Your Pets

Like humans, cats and dogs can be susceptible to disease. And, also like humans, vaccines can protect your pets from these communicable diseases. When you vaccinate your pet, you are not only choosing to protect your own pet, but you are also helping to protect the health of other pets in the community. We can only stop diseases from spreading by limiting the amount of viable hosts. Vaccinations are key to protecting your pets.

We typically recommend the following core vaccines for dogs:

  • Parvovirus: A common disease for puppies, this disease affects the gastrointestinal and cardiac systems, sometimes with fatal results.
  • Canine hepatitis: This disease affects the upper respiratory tract and can ultimately spread into your pet’s blood stream.
  • Distemper: This disease attacks many parts of your dog’s internal systems, including respiratory, gastrointestinal, and the nervous system. There is no known cure.
  • Rabies: This disease ravages your pet’s central nervous system and can be fatal if left untreated.

For cats, we typically recommend the following core vaccines:

  • Rabies: Similar to dogs, rabies can affect cats’ central nervous systems if left untreated.
  • Panleukopenia: This disease is particularly deadly for young cats and kittens, affecting the number of white blood cells in your cat’s blood stream.
  • Calicivirus: The ulcers caused by this disease can cause your cat to lose their appetite and can cause upper respiratory infections as well.
  • Rhinotracheitis: This disease is related to the herpes virus and can cause upper respiratory tract infections.
  • Feline leukemia virus: This disease is the leading cause of death in cats, causing anemia or lymphoma.

Depending on your pet’s age, sex, breed, lifestyle, and other factors, our team of veterinarians will recommend a vaccine protocol for your pet that is designed to protect and preserve their health for the long term.

If your pet has a reaction to a vaccine, it is important that you give us a call right away. Your veterinarian will let you know what signs and symptoms to watch out for during your pet’s vaccination appointment. If you have any questions about the vaccines your pet is scheduled to receive, speak with our team. We are happy to help you understand the benefits of vaccines for your pets.

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